About Us

Here is a closer look at us

Who We Are

Family Owed and Operated

Robert and Mara Baker started the company in 2012.

Since then we have slowly grown into a well established company. Making sure to keep our customers our top priority.

Why Choose Us


We Take pride in that. We understand that our customers picked us, And have intrusted us with one of the largest investments of their lives. We take this very seriously and treat every customer like we would want to be treated.


From our products to our workmanship. Many companies take shortcuts to improve their profit margins, not us! We make sure that both the products and the service is of the highest quality.


We are always looking to find ways to improve. whether in our financing, our products, or in our service, We are always checking to make sure we are providing our customers the best.

Our Team

Here are a few of the faces of Baker

Robert Baker

CEO / Founder

I am the dreamer. I'm the one who is always trying to move the company in a positive direction.


Mara Baker

CEO / Founder

Mara is the Backbone of the company. She does more than all of us! She will be the person you communicate with most often.


Vince Welnick

Head of Installation

Vince is our Field General. He is the one making sure that every part of the installation goes according to plan.


Mathew Mulder

Site Manager

Matt is our beginings and end guy. Matt will be the first person from our installation team you meet. he will also be the last.


The Baker Team!

Let Us Help you!

We have put together a great group of people dedicated to give you a great product.

What Are We Good At

conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends
98% Customer Satisfaction
95% Issue free Installations
96% Accident Free Workplace
98% Recommended by Customers
87% First Time Inspections
96% Problem Free Designs