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Doing The Things That Make Us Better
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Searching for the best products on the market that work in our climate.

Baker Solar and Electric has tested a wide Variety of products to find the ones that work the best. The Systems that we install and recommend offer the best system configuration for the most reasonable price. Other companies take a "cheapest price" motto, looking for whatever is the cheapest and make them the most money. we refuse to make that our motto, instead we focus on the best products and then work to find the best prices we can for those products.

Photvoltaic System Designs

Customised to your Needs
  • Utility Usage Analysis
  • Comprehensive Site Visits
  • Correctly Sized Systems
  • The Paperwork Process

Quality System Installations

Nothing but the Best
  • Beginning with Quality products
  • The best trained employees
  • Double flashed systems
  • Exceeding the minimum
  • Quality checks after each install

Financing Option Choices

Better serving Your Needs
  • Multiple Financing companies
  • Multiple plans to suit your needs
  • Credit scores as low as 640
  • No money out of pocket

Other Energy Effieceincy Products

Reducing Your Usage
  • The "Nest" thermostat
  • Duct sealant
  • High effiency pool pumps
  • LED lighting Packages
  • "Ice Cold" A/C Treatment